Узнай свой уровень английского

Если вы не знаете свой уровень владения английским или сомневаетесь в нём, рекомендуем пройти этот тест.
1. _______ he work as a teacher?
2. They’re not going to come tomorrow.
3. Can I take your umbrella?
4. I’d like a sandwich and a can of soda, please.
5. They ______ fishing yesterday.
6. The parcel ______ by a postman.
7. Have you seen this film?
8. Jack is leaving tomorrow at 5
9. I’m going to see the doctor _____ Monday morning
10. I haven’t seen Mindy _____ ages.
11. The President is ____ arrive at 5.30.
12. Travis is a friend of ____ . I’ve known him since I was eight.
13. The boss says we _____ finish the project today.
14. You _____ pass the test to get a driving license
15. Da Vinci is known ____ the Mona Lisa.
16. If the weather is fine, I ____ let the kids play outside.
17. At the present moment the building ______ renovated by a group of accomplished restorers.
18. If he had called us earlier, we ______ the plane.
19. Joseph: The team may win the game.
20. I forgot _____ that book. Perhaps, it wasn’t very interesting.
21. My wife is ____ real beauty. She looks gorgeous.
22. The plant requires _____ good light.
23. If I had passed the exam, I _____ now.
24. _______ the documents, the contract would have been signed by now.
25. The concert starts at 7. She should _____ home by now.
26. What is needed _____ more factual details.