This summer turned out to be one of the happiest summers in my life. The trip to LA was productive and transformative in so many ways. It felt like a toggle switch was flicked: I threw the weight of little negative thoughts, and the wind of irreversible changes swept them away.

All of a sudden I felt like home. I felt like 5-6-year-old myself when I used to perform, draw and study and didn’t care about what other people thought. Pure joy from creation.

Now it’s all coming back to me. And it’s not happening because of something external – it all came from the inside, which makes the whole situation even more enjoyable. It took a massive amount of thoughts, choices, mistakes and actions. So if I could share with you one piece of advice, it would be this: make as many mistakes as possible and make a choice to learn from them instead of putting up a defence.

Another thing that I’ve discovered this summer is that I’m quite good at working in a team and using technical staff. Two things I wouldn’t have believed about myself before. Now I feel much more comfortable gathering people around myself and leading them. It feels so natural that now I can say that I’m a 100% leader. I kind of knew it before, but that was more of guessing rather than knowing, and knowing comes only from doing not hypothesizing. So stop thinking – just do it 😉